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Our Story

Welcome to Ten Club Kennels, where our passion for Boerboels shines through in every aspect of our breeding program. Located on 9 acres of wooded wonder just outside Three Rivers, a scenic 30-minute drive east of Kalamazoo, Michigan, we are a dedicated family team of 4 who have fallen head over heels into the captivating world of Boerboels. With years of closely following the breed, we are serious breeders committed to producing Boerboel puppies of exceptional quality, both mentally and physically.

At Ten Club Kennels, our Boerboels seamlessly transition from being gentle living room floor ornaments and babysitters to becoming your dedicated family protectors. These remarkable dogs possess a true Boerboel temperament, effortlessly combining their friendly nature with an unwavering commitment to guarding their loved ones. Our foundation stock, carefully selected from top producing kennels around the world, ensures that our breeding program focuses not only on size and beauty, but primarily on the health and temperament that make Boerboels the ideal farm dogs.

As genetics enthusiasts, we are devoted to producing healthy Boerboels that will bring joy to your family for years to come. Our dogs boast not only an appealing appearance but also the robust health needed to support their exceptional temperaments. At Ten Club Kennels, we understand that a true Boerboel is more than just a stunning dog; it's a well-rounded companion that brings both beauty and loyalty into your life.

Join us in our Boerboel journey and experience the exceptional quality that sets Ten Club Kennels apart. From our carefully selected foundation stock to our unwavering commitment to producing mentally and physically sound puppies, our love for these incredible dogs drives everything we do. Discover the perfect Boerboel companion that will enrich your life and become an extraordinary part of your family.


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