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Calm Lake

Current litter of Boerboel Puppies

The Ten Club ZAZA (89%) to D&K Brady (95%) is an extraordinary and highly anticipated breeding that holds immense significance for us at Ten Club. This boerboel puppy litter represents the culmination of meticulous planning, exceptional genetics, and a deep commitment to the breed. With ZaZA's remarkable appraisal score of 89% at 15 months and Brady's 95%, this pairing promises to deliver a litter of exceptional quality and potential. Each puppy born from this union is a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing boerboels of unparalleled excellence. We eagerly await the arrival of these remarkable offspring, knowing that they will carry the Ten Club legacy forward and captivate the hearts of boerboel enthusiasts worldwide. This is an exceptional tight line breeding of one of the legends in boerboel History Balkan Marko! He is the father of Brady and grandfather to Zaza! At ten Club you don't get an average Boerboel, you get bloodlines that are what legends are made of.

Brady (95%)

ZAZA 89%

Born Via C-section 11/1/23
6 Females 4 males will be ready for Christmas!!!!!!

Brady ZAZA pups 1 week_edited.jpg
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