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Our Females

At Ten Club Boerboels, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection in breeding Boerboels. Our commitment to producing exceptional quality Boerboel puppies is unwavering, and we spare no expense in acquiring the finest genetics. We firmly believe that every puppy we bring into this world should embody the pinnacle of excellence, reflecting the remarkable lineage and standards we uphold.

As dedicated breeders, our focus extends beyond mere transactions. We breed not only for others but also to strengthen and fortify our own prestigious kennel. Each puppy we offer for sale is a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing Boerboels of unparalleled caliber. In fact, the puppies we present to you are of the same exceptional quality that we would proudly choose for ourselves.

Unlike breeders who prioritize quantity over quality, we firmly adhere to a different philosophy. We understand that greatness cannot be rushed and that true excellence takes time. When you choose to welcome a Boerboel puppy from Ten Club into your family, you are making an investment in a cherished addition that will bring immense joy and love to your life.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to placing our puppies in approved homes. We believe in finding the perfect match between our exceptional Boerboels and their new families. As such, we expect our potential applicants to have immersed themselves in the world of this extraordinary breed. Understanding the unique needs and responsibilities that come with owning a large, powerful, and awe-inspiring Boerboel is essential. Our mission is to ensure that every Boerboel we entrust to a new owner receives the life it deserves – a life filled with care, commitment, and unwavering love.

Throughout our years of experience as breeders, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge about these remarkable animals. However, we recognize that our journey is an ongoing process of learning and discovery. As we continue to delve deeper into the world of Boerboels, we remain open to new insights and discoveries that further enrich our understanding and expertise.

When you become a part of the Ten Club Boerboels family, we extend a warm and heartfelt welcome. Our commitment to you and your Boerboel extends far beyond the moment of sale. We are here to provide unwavering support, guidance, and assistance throughout the lifetime of your new family member. Your joy and fulfillment as a Boerboel owner are of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to fostering a lasting bond and enriching your journey every step of the way.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Ten Club Boerboels, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life. Discover the true meaning of owning the best all-around canine companion as you embark on this remarkable adventure with us.

Qubitron Afeni 92.6 

ntroducing Afeni, a truly exceptional female Boerboel. She commands attention with her impressive presence, standing as the highest-appraised female and dog of the day at the prestigious NABBA show in Cincinnati, 2021. Afeni embodies the perfect combination of bone and mass, while maintaining a flawless topline that showcases her agility and raw power. It is no surprise that she hails from the impeccable bloodlines that define Ten Club Boerboels' reputation for excellence.

Afeni's lineage is nothing short of extraordinary. Her father, Klein Sandfontein Judge, holds the esteemed title of the highest linear-appraised male with SABBS. Known for his massive chest, Judge has passed on this remarkable trait to his daughter. On the other side of her pedigree, Tigerburg Stenora contributes its exceptional quality to Afeni's genetic makeup. The Tigerburg bloodline consistently produces Boerboels with long, thick builds and undeniable strength. The pairing of these bloodlines in Afeni has resulted in an extraordinary litter of puppies, a testament to her outstanding qualities.

Having had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of Afeni's littermates over the years, it is evident that they have all blossomed into remarkable specimens. Afeni herself has proven her worth as a producer, surpassing even her own exceptional qualities with her first litter. One of her offspring, Ten Club Emmy, sired by our esteemed stud Eddie, achieved an astonishing score of 90.2 at just 14 months old. The potential within Emmy is limitless, positioning her to become one of the top females in the country. Afeni, as a foundation female and an exceptional mother, will continue to play a pivotal role in the growth and success of our breeding program.

In her most recent litter, sired by D&K Brady, son of the illustrious Balkan Marco, Afeni once again showcased her ability to produce outstanding offspring. With a remarkable NABBA score of 95.2, Brady exemplifies the exceptional traits passed down through his lineage. Most of the puppies from this litter have been entrusted to other respected breeders, while we proudly kept our favorite female, reminiscent of our beloved Pearl who sadly passed away in 2020. Afeni is the embodiment of everything one could desire in a Boerboel - a well-balanced, graceful powerhouse, blessed with unrivaled genetics.

At Ten Club Boerboels, we firmly believe in the power of top-quality genetics, and Afeni exemplifies this belief to the fullest. Her remarkable presence, combined with her exceptional lineage, makes her an invaluable asset to our breeding program. When you choose a Boerboel from Ten Club, you are selecting a companion bred from the very best. Welcome to a world of top-tier genetics that cannot be surpassed, where excellence reigns supreme.


Emmy 90.2 @ 14 months

Prepare to be captivated by Ten Club's rising star, Emmy. Born from the exceptional pairing of our prized female Afeni and the esteemed eldest stud on our yard, Eddie, Emmy possesses boundless potential that is simply irresistible. Both her parents, displaying magnificent apricot coats and exquisite top lines, have contributed their outstanding qualities to this remarkable young Boerboel.

Emmy is a true reflection of her mother, Afeni, inheriting her stunning features and commanding presence. Yet, she also possesses her father's contagious smile, which adds a touch of charm to her already impressive demeanor. With an impeccable build and flawless conformation, Emmy stands as a testament to correct breed standards. However, her athletic prowess elevates her above the ordinary, with an athleticism that defies expectations.

Emmy's potential knows no bounds. She embodies the perfect combination of her parents' exceptional traits, making her a shining example of the Boerboel breed. As she continues to grow and mature, her undeniable talent and grace will continue to shine through, leaving no doubt that she is destined for greatness.

At Ten Club, we take pride in the meticulous breeding process that brings forth exceptional individuals like Emmy. Our commitment to producing Boerboels of the highest caliber is evident in every aspect of our program. With Emmy, we have unlocked a new level of excellence, and we eagerly anticipate the impact she will have on future generations of Boerboels.

Witness the rise of a true superstar. Emmy is more than just a promising young female; she represents the pinnacle of what Ten Club Boerboels strives to achieve. Experience the thrill of watching her journey unfold as she continues to exceed expectations and make her mark on the world of Boerboels. Embrace the extraordinary, for Emmy embodies the essence of the Boerboel breed like no other.


Gotti 89.8 

Prepare to be awe-struck by the magnificent Gotti, a boerboel of extraordinary stature and undeniable presence. With her stunning fawn coat and a physique that exudes strength and masculinity, Gotti commands attention and admiration wherever she goes. She is a true embodiment of power and grace.

Born from the esteemed lineage of the legendary Balkan Marko, with an impressive appraisal score of 95.9, and MES Hanna, scoring 88.5, Gotti inherits the exceptional qualities of her renowned parents. Even during her appraisal, at a remarkable 6 weeks pregnant, Gotti astounded everyone with a score of 89.8, a testament to her exceptional genetic makeup and unwavering spirit.

Gotti's loyalty knows no bounds. She is the epitome of devotion, earning her the esteemed title of the most loyal dog in the yard. Among her friends, she is affectionately known as "shoulders," a testament to her incredibly strong and muscular forequarters that defy the norm for females. Gotti possesses a strength that is rare and admirable, making her an exceptional representative of her breed.

As the foundation female at Ten Club, Gotti holds a special place in our hearts. Her influence and impact on our breeding program are immeasurable. She has laid the groundwork for future generations of remarkable boerboels, leaving an indelible mark on our kennel's legacy.

Gotti embodies the essence of what a boerboel should be – powerful, loyal, and awe-inspiring. Her presence is a testament to the breed's resilience and magnificence. At Ten Club, we are honored to have Gotti as an integral part of our family, and we are proud to carry forward her legacy through our commitment to producing exceptional boerboel puppies.

Prepare to be captivated by the strength and beauty that is Gotti. She stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of the boerboel breed, embodying all the qualities that make this breed truly remarkable. With Gotti as our foundation, we continue our journey of excellence, ensuring that each boerboel that carries the Ten Club name lives up to the exceptional standards set by our beloved Gotti.


Zaza 89.1 @15 months

Prepare to be introduced to the remarkable ZAZA, a true gem among boerboels. Born from the illustrious pairing of the soon-to-be legend, Voice Veld Eloy aka Bronson, boasting an impressive appraisal score of 95.3, and the esteemed D&K Gotti, daughter of the legendary Balkan Marco, with a remarkable score of 95.9, ZAZA carries the weight of greatness in her blood.

With a compact and perfectly proportioned body, ZAZA captivates with her impeccable topline and short back, displaying the epitome of boerboel structure. Even at a tender age of 15 months, she outshined her brothers, earning an impressive appraisal score of 89.1. Her dark brindle coat, so rich and deep in color, appears as black from a distance, adding an air of mystery and allure to her already captivating presence.

ZAZA's movements are nothing short of breathtaking. Despite her large torso, she gracefully navigates with impeccable balance, showcasing the harmonious blending of her neck, forequarters, centerpiece, and hindquarters. This young female is truly a remarkable specimen, a testament to the extraordinary genetics she inherits.

As we look to the future, plans are already in motion to find a special stud worthy of pairing with ZAZA. Her first litter, slated for 2023, holds great promise, as we anticipate the union of two exceptional bloodlines to produce a new generation of extraordinary boerboels. When you combine the very best bloodlines to ever be appraised, the results are nothing short of exceptional, and ZAZA is a shining example of that.

At Ten Club, we understand the significance of breeding excellence. We spare no effort in selecting the most exceptional individuals to continue the legacy of greatness. ZAZA embodies the pinnacle of boerboel perfection, and her future offspring are destined to leave their mark on the breed.

Prepare to witness the next chapter in the lineage of greatness as ZAZA takes her place among the boerboel elite. With each passing generation, the bar is raised higher, and at Ten Club, we are committed to surpassing those expectations. ZAZA is a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing top-notch boerboels that exemplify the very best of the breed.

Stay tuned as the journey continues, and be ready to welcome a new wave of extraordinary boerboel puppies, destined to carry on the legacy of greatness, all thanks to the remarkable ZAZA and the meticulous breeding program at Ten Club.


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