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At Ten Club Boerboels, we spare no expense in our quest to produce Boerboel puppies of exceptional quality with utmost efficiency. We believe in investing in top-notch genetics to ensure that every puppy we breed embodies the pinnacle of excellence. Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions – we breed for ourselves and to fortify our esteemed kennel. The puppies we offer for sale are of a caliber that we would proudly keep for our own.

Unlike many breeders who prioritize quantity over quality, we adhere to a different philosophy. We understand that greatness takes time and that true excellence cannot be rushed. When you seek the very best, it often requires patience, but rest assured, the wait is undeniably worthwhile. Each puppy that joins your family from Ten Club is not just an acquisition; it is a cherished addition, a new member to embrace with open arms.

We are dedicated to providing puppies to approved homes on a selective basis, as we believe in finding the perfect match for our exceptional Boerboels. We expect our potential applicants to have delved into the intricacies of the breed, understanding the unique needs and responsibilities that come with owning such a large, powerful, and truly awe-inspiring animal. Our mission is to ensure that each Boerboel we place receives the life it deserves, with owners who are prepared to provide the care, commitment, and love that these magnificent creatures require.

Throughout our years of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about this remarkable breed. Yet, we recognize that our journey is a perpetual learning process. As we continue to delve deeper into the world of Boerboels, we remain open to new discoveries and insights that enrich our understanding.

When you become part of the Ten Club Boerboels family, we extend a warm and heartfelt welcome. Our support does not end with the sale; we are committed to standing by your side throughout the lifetime of your new family member. We are here to offer guidance, advice, and assistance whenever needed. As you and your Boerboel embark on a shared life journey, we remain dedicated to fostering a lasting bond and ensuring that you experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with owning the best all-around canine companion one can ever possess.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Ten Club Boerboels, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.

D & K Brady 95.2

Introducing Brady, a magnificent Boerboel stud who embodies the epitome of excellence in our breeding program. Descended from the illustrious Balkan Marco, one of the greatest Boerboels of all time, Brady is a striking mirror image of his legendary father. The lineage of greatness continues with his half-sister Gotti, further solidifying the exceptional heritage they share.

In late 2023 or early 2024, we have an exciting plan in store—a carefully crafted line breeding that will unite Brady and Gotti, bringing together their exceptional genetics and creating a new chapter of excellence in our breeding program. This strategic pairing will preserve and amplify the exceptional traits that run through their bloodlines, ensuring the continued legacy of greatness.

Brady's remarkable stud services are now available through Ten Club Boerboels. We are privileged to work with his dedicated owner, who exemplifies professionalism and a genuine love for the breed. If you are an approved dam seeking the perfect mate for your Boerboel, we would be honored to assist you in the stud process, connecting your exceptional female with the outstanding qualities that Brady possesses.

At Ten Club Boerboels, we take pride in our commitment to producing exceptional puppies that embody the finest traits of the Boerboel and Boerbell breeds. Through careful selection and a deep understanding of the breed's standards, we strive to maintain and enhance the remarkable qualities that have made these dogs so beloved.

By offering Brady's stud services, we extend our dedication to preserving the breed's excellence and ensuring the production of outstanding Boerboel and Boerbell puppies. If you are seeking a stud of unrivaled quality, paired with a seamless and pleasant experience, look no further than Brady and the Ten Club Boerboels team. Together, let us embark on a journey of creating a new generation of exceptional Boerboels that will bring joy and fulfillment to their future families.


Ten Club Meatball 87.2 @15 months

Introducing Meatball, the extraordinary offspring of a carefully orchestrated breeding at Ten Club Boerboels. This remarkable Boerboel puppy is the epitome of excellence, with an impeccable lineage that showcases the best of the breed. Picture perfect, just like his world-renowned father, Voice Veld Eloy aka Bronson, Meatball inherits the impressive qualities that have made his father the highest-appraised brindle male in the world.

Bronson, a formidable Russian import, exemplifies the pinnacle of Boerboel perfection, and Meatball mirrors his father's greatness. At such a young age, Meatball already possesses an awe-inspiring forequarter region, boasting a massive chest and shoulders that promise even more remarkable development to come. With graceful movement and a perfect balance, this pup exudes confidence, complemented by his robust bone structure and impressive mass.

But Meatball's exceptional attributes don't stop at his illustrious sire. His mother, D&K Gotti, descends from Balkan Marco, one of the highest-appraised males in Boerboel history. Inheriting her father's outstanding traits, Gotti contributes to Meatball's immense potential as a future stud. Like his father, Meatball possesses a commanding head and a stunning brindle coat, giving him a commanding presence that demands attention. Beneath his intimidating exterior lies a gentle and affectionate nature, a testament to the balanced temperament inherent in this exceptional bloodline.

With Meatball's early appraisal marking only the beginning of his journey, plans are already underway for his reappraisal in late 2023. Ten Club Boerboels recognizes the immense potential within this extraordinary pup and aims to harness his qualities to enhance brindle production for years to come. As Meatball matures and assumes his rightful place as a stud, his impact on the breed will be profound, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence within the Boerboel community.


Great Lakes Eddie 91.6 [The Elder Statesmen]

Introducing Eddie, the embodiment of excellence in the Boerboel world. For a decade, he has graced our lives, consistently producing awe-inspiring puppies that inherit his remarkable qualities. Eddie, the son of the legendary Monarc Jordan, bears a striking resemblance to his esteemed father, a testament to his exceptional lineage.

At the age of 10, Eddie continues to defy expectations. His impeccable topline and impressive mass are a sight to behold, a testament to his impeccable genetics. But what truly sets Eddie apart is his unwavering athleticism. Even after a decade, he sprints up and down hills with the agility and grace of a much younger dog. His robust physique, marked by incredible thickness, exemplifies the pinnacle of mature masculinity.

Eddie's legacy as a stud is unparalleled. When paired with females, his consistency shines through, reliably passing down his best traits to the next generation. His genetic contributions have made a lasting impact on the Boerboel breed. As Eddie approaches retirement, we cherish the invaluable years we have spent with him and the countless lives he has enriched through his exceptional offspring.

Although Eddie's breeding career may soon come to a close, his impact will endure. His remarkable lineage and incomparable traits will continue to shape the future of Boerboel excellence. We are forever grateful for Eddie's legacy, and we look forward to carrying his torch as we strive to produce extraordinary Boerboel and Boerbell puppies, ensuring that his remarkable bloodline lives on.


Ten Club Luca 88.0 @15 months

At Ten Club, we strive for breeding excellence, and our latest pairing between the magnificent Russian import, Voice Veld Eloy, also known as Bronson (95.3), and the exceptional female, D&K Gotti, has exceeded all expectations. From this remarkable union, we were blessed with not just one, but two outstanding stud prospects. Meet Luca, the first-born pup, whose presence commands attention with his striking reverse fawn brindle coat.

While Luca shares the same lineage as his brother, Meatball, he brings a unique set of qualities to the table. With a strong, sturdy build and a shorter back, Luca showcases a larger head, standing taller and longer than his sibling. At just 15 months of age, Luca has already achieved an impressive score of 88.4, a testament to his exceptional potential. But there is still so much more growth and development in store for this remarkable young Boerboel.

One cannot help but be captivated by Luca's features. His head, with its commanding presence, is accentuated by his striking coat. But it's not just his physical attributes that set Luca apart. This young stud possesses an endearing personality that complements his protective instincts. He runs with tremendous force, yet with the flip of a switch, he becomes a gentle soul, yearning for belly rubs. Luca's unwavering loyalty is evident in his role as a dedicated protector of his territory. When visitors approach, he positions himself directly in front of them, ensuring their intentions are pure before welcoming them into his pack.

With Luca and Meatball in our yard, we have been bestowed with a unique opportunity to pair the diverse needs of females with their ideal mates. Whether seeking a shorter or taller companion, or a Boerboel with a captivating brindle coat, our young studs offer a range of possibilities. Their impressive bone structure, substantial mass, and exceptional head proportions make them an invaluable asset to our future breeding endeavors at Ten Club.

As we look to the horizon, we envision the extraordinary impact Luca and Meatball will have on the lines we develop here. Their combined genetic potential and remarkable traits will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the Boerboel breed. We are excited to embark on this journey and witness the countless contributions these two young studs will make as they pave the way for the future of Boerboel excellence at Ten Club.


D&K Yoshi 88.7

Introducing Yoshi, a remarkable Boerboel stud whose presence commands attention. This magnificent male is a true embodiment of power, strength, and sheer dominance. With an imposing stature that exudes confidence, Yoshi captivates all who lay eyes upon him. His strong side eye adds an extra touch of mystique, making him an unforgettable force to reckon with.

As the son of the legendary Balkan Marco, Yoshi inherits all the exceptional qualities that have made his father a renowned figure in the Boerboel world. His lineage is further enhanced by his littermate, Gotti, ensuring that the remarkable traits run deep within their shared heritage.

Yoshi possesses everything you could desire in a Balkan Marco son. His sheer size and muscular build make him a force to be reckoned with, evoking a sense of awe and respect. Yet, beyond his physical prowess, Yoshi possesses a gentle and loyal nature, displaying the perfect balance of power and affection that defines the Boerboel breed.

With Yoshi as the cornerstone of our breeding program, we are dedicated to producing exceptional Boerboel and Boerbell puppies that inherit his remarkable qualities. We believe in preserving and enhancing the legacy of greatness, ensuring that future generations embody the power, beauty, and loyalty that Yoshi exemplifies.

For those seeking a stud of unparalleled caliber, Yoshi is the epitome of excellence. His lineage, combined with his commanding presence, guarantees the production of offspring that will leave a lasting impression. When you choose Yoshi as your stud, you are selecting a partner who will enhance the breed's exceptional traits, delivering puppies that are a testament to the Boerboel's true essence.

At our kennel, we understand the significance of finding the perfect mate for your Boerboel or Boerbell. That is why we proudly offer Yoshi's stud services, allowing you the opportunity to bring his exceptional genetics into your breeding program. We are committed to providing a seamless and professional experience, supporting you every step of the way as you embark on this exciting journey.

Yoshi is not just a stud; he represents a legacy, a symbol of strength, and a promise of exceptional offspring. Experience the power and magnificence that Yoshi brings to the table, and witness the transformation of your breeding program with his remarkable influence.

Choose Yoshi as your Boerboel stud, and together, let us create a new generation of extraordinary Boerboels and Boerbell puppies that will leave an indelible mark on the breed.


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